Luca Naso

Luca Naso is an Astrophysicist, a Data Scientist, a Startup Mentor and a Marathon runner. He is passionate about new technologies and how they can be used to change our lives.

The beginning

He was born in that beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea called Sicily, and was raised under the idea that everyone is owner of their own future. Enchanted by the mysteries of Nature and the Universe he decided to study Physics and then leave the Island to get a PhD in Astrophysics. He travelled the World trying to understand how neutron stars get their huge magnetic fields, how accretion discs are shaped by magnetic fields and influence the object they accrete onto, how supermassive black holes evolve and capture stars.

M31 galaxy

The Great Galaxy in Andromeda – Credit & Copyright: John P. Gleason, Celestial Images


Luca was also attracted by the power and the beauty of computer programming and numerical simulations. He started to code quite early in his scientific career and had the opportunity to be introduced to parallel computing already in 2004 (same year as when Google published the MapReduce paper). He used the Fortran programming language and MPI trying to solve the Navier-Stokes equations on large clusters, aka supercomputers. When he arrived in Beijing, he had the chance to use GPU computing for simulating the interaction between black holes, stars and accretion discs.

Run Luca Run!

When moving from one place to the other, there were many things changing in Luca’s life (research topic, friends, local language, …) but one thing was always there: running! In 2012, on a very cold (and polluted) November day, Luca decided to take his running to the ultimate level and ran the Beijing Marathon for a Charity, with the incredible support of his friends.

Luca Naso running in Beijing

Luca Naso running in Beijing

After reaching the far East of our World, Luca comes back to the Island. He is following the new digital technologies recall. He has the chance to be part of a team building the future of proximity marketing in brick and mortar stores and boldly accepts it, aiming to change the lives of people.

Luca Naso today

Luca has a vision, where his scientific background has a sweet spot in today’s digital World. The passion is overwhelming, he joins the Big Data revolution, dives in machine learning, cloud and distribute computing, data analysis and visualisation. He wants to share what he knows and increase his knowledge, he wants to give back to his Island, so he decides to work side-by-side with young entrepreneurs and to support them on their path to building a successful startup. Empowered by so much enthusiasm and motivation Luca runs his second Marathon. This time, it is the Berlin Marathon, on a pleasantly cool September day in 2015.

Luca Naso at WCAP

Luca Naso talking to young wantrepreneurs

What next?

What will be Luca Naso’s next challenge? He doesn’t really know that. While he waits for the bigger picture to become clearer, he keeps himself busy with teaching Maths, Physics and Big Data, with doing Big Data, with coding in Python, with eating fresh, handmade and delicious Chinese food and tea … and of course with running!